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I'm originally from North Kingstown RI which is near the home of the Seabee’s Quonset Point. My Father (Thomas Henry Hazel) was Deputy Chief of North Kingstown Police Department. My Brothers are well Respected Law Inforcement Officers in their own right. Myself, I seemed to gravitate twards things Electronic. After High School in the mid 70's I spent 4 years active duty USAF (SAC) working on B-52D Models.  Gaining experience in Bomb Navigation Sytems, Terrain advoidance Radar Systems as well as Nuclear Weapons arming targeting. During the 80's I worked for 20 Years at Eastman Kodak Co, Kodak Apparatus Division, in Gates NY. being an Automation Mehcanic, Eletronics Techinisian, and then as a Calibration Technicial. I then worked for ITT/Exelis as an IT, Systems Admin and software Testing engineer. I currently work for Harris RF Testing Radios. My hobbies are Computers, Ham Radio, Hunting, Shooting and Reading. Not to mention Bourbon....
Recently I think I'm becomming Counsellor. Naah! :)

Currently Vice President of The Rochester DX association. 


ARRL Field Day was a success. I personally ran FT8 from home using my laptop (Yup this one) and my ICOM 7300. Check the ARRL web site for details.

I have many stories to tell and currently stuggling to find the time to tell them. I'm working on it. Trust me!

Do a friend of mine a favor and visit Duffy's Tavern.

About Me

Ham Radio, Hunting, Reading and Bourbon. and slowly learning how to do Web Pages.

Not to mention Raspberry pi Computers.


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