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This website is still running from home on my Raspberry Pi 3B Plus Linux computers running Apache Web server, FTP and Samba Share Services. I have put this up initially for me to support RDXA Field day activities, but later on there are other things I'm gonna leverage this to do.


RDXA's Club Antenna the Cushcraft 40-2CD Yagi Antenna is in possession of Doug Stewart N2BEG. He has picked it up and is in the process of repairing the damaged sections from his home.


Well from what I can tell, we've had a resonably sucessful Field Day. Vic tells me the Scores are rolling in and I got some good experience running FT8.


Work now is being done from home. Leveraging tools like Skype, messenger, Remote Desktop, Facebook Chat and Zoom. Nothing new to report on that front. I'm trying to install some new apps on the laptop that hopefully be of benefit.

Well, Here we are all the way into July. Now We've gone through June. Everybody I know is trying to adapt to the "New Normal" whatever the heck that is. All I care about is the bars are open and I can enjoy the occasional pop!

The Honda 900 is back up to full fighting strength and has passed its inspection with flying colors. So I'm using it to avoid some of the oppressive heat and get out and get some sun.


As they say in the movie Demolition Man. "Be Well"




The Latest Skinny...

I've  become very enamored with a nice camp site coffee maker called a Jetboil. The link is available below. I'm also including a great Coffee Link. It also looks like Mountain House's Site is still low on Product due to a "Corona Virus" run on their freeze dried foods.






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